Perspective is important. Having a view of where you are going, and why the journey matters, is part of what makes us thrive.

We believe that between great strategic intention and great strategic execution is a grey and often neglected area - employee's belief in the value that the organisation brings to the world and their commitment to work with their own fears to bring about the vision and live the values.

At METAVIEW, we work with teams and leaders to improve business performance by shaping compelling visions, articulating clear purpose and values, strengthening leadership and building simple and effective engagement programmes.





Having a clear vision provides direction and inspiration. It also helps to keep you focused and together in the face of complexity and uncertainty. 

A vision created with your team will guide you on how to spend your time and what habits to create.



Why do you do what you do?

This question forms the bedrock of your culture. It gives employees a sense of their contribution and makes work more meaningful.

A shared purpose also creates strategic clarity.


Organisational values drive how you interact with each other, how you make decisions and how you work together to achieve your goals.

Getting values off the plaque on the wall and embedded in the day-to-day workings of your business is critical.




Companies need leaders who are equipped with the skills to help them lead teams to profitable goals. 

Coaching leaders to grow, reduces costs, improves culture and increases agility.



Having high performing teams is key to business growth. Mature teams operate with trust and co-operation driving products to market more effectively. They are also more flexible and able to respond to the rapidly changing environment.



Strong employee engagement is an  important asset for a business.

Evidence shows that an engaged workforce is more productive, has lower turnover, creates higher customer satisfaction and generates more profit.


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