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We need people to bring their absolute full selves to the challenging jobs ahead.

Amy C. Edmondson


Psychological safety is crucial to the performance of teams and crucial to leveraging the diversity in teams.

Only when employees are able to bring all their insights, creativity and shortcomings to the table, will businesses attain the agility necessary to succeed in an environment of exponential change.


  • Understand the impact on business results

  • Identify and eliminate dysfunctional team behaviors

  • Develop a supportive team culture and supporting architecture

  • Build great team synergy

  • Improve the space for innovations to emerge and evolve

  • Create a more positive and energetic work environment


An interactive workshop where teams spend a day learning, reflecting and designing their own rituals. Prior to the workshop, each participant will complete their own online psychological safety assessment.

The workshop covers:

  • The science behind psychological safety 

  • How to nurture psychological safety

  • Building an architecture for support

  • Measuring success


DURATION:              09h00 - 16h00

PARTICIPANTS:        3-12 people

COST:                         Please enquire below

* Excluding third party costs (transport; venue hire; catering)

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