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The greatest productivity hack available today is listening. This one day workshop will give teams a framework, tools and the opportunity to practice this essential business skill.

Deep Listening Workshop


Psychological safety is crucial to the performance of teams. This one-day workshop will unlock the diversity and innovation of your team.

Psychological Safety Workshop

The team development programme offers a framework for growing interpersonal and team awareness, revealing team strengths and enabling higher productivity.

Team Development Programme

Our coaching programmes typically start with an Enneagram Assessment and run for 8 sessions with clearly defined outcomes.



A fundamentally different kind of leadership is required in the new world of work. This workshop outlines the mindset shifts and muscles required for business agility.

Future Leaders: Agile Mindset & Muscles

Working  with a leader or leadership team, this programme covers five steps using eight coaching sessions or two half-day workshops.

Engagement Programme

This half-day workshop aligns leadership and articulates a clear vision of where you want to go.

Vision Workshop

Background research and interviews with key staff and customers help us to prepare for this full-day workshop.

Purpose Workshop

Our values programme has three phases: 1) discovery, 2) creation and 3) measurement and execution.

Values Programme