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We've identified some simple and powerful processes and practices that can produce quick improvements in engagement and performance. Start with this 3-minute assessment.

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Becoming more agile requires leaders to develop new ways of thinking about the organisation and their role in it. When "agility" is delegated to the team level, the chances of success are dramatically reduced.


An agile mindset is the set of attitudes that support working in an agile way. When these ways of thinking are present in the leadership, the shift to an agile way of working is dramatically more successful. We believe leaders should take the responsibility to self-assess. Click the link above to take our quick survey.


Psychological safety is the most important variable in determining the success of teams. With an increasing need for collaboration, agility and innovation in organisations, this idea of interpersonal safety has come to the fore. Because we believe leaders should take the responsibility to self-assess, we have created a quick survey to rate proficiency in the key areas that are vital to creating safety in teams.

Agile businesses significantly outperform non-agile businesses in organisational health, the best indicator or long-term performance. Here's what you need to know about leadership in the new agile way of working. Click the link or image to view.

Data indicates that companies that focus effort on on-boarding, as part of the employee experience, outperform those that don't. Here's our checklist for on-boarding well.

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