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"Thank you for the coaching experience that we shared over the past few months. I’ve really enjoyed the discussions. My most memorable experience in the coaching conversation with you is your ability to adapt the coaching process to talk to the need at hand while still maintaining the overall requirements of the [business process].  In addition to how you’ve managed to adapt the process to ensure that I get the best and most appropriate value out of the coaching process, I must also note your ability to listen closely to me as a coachee to the extent that you’ve helped me identify and name character traits within myself that has subsequently been opportunities for me to better develop my personal and leadership skills.  
My main learning from my coaching experience with you has been identifying my character preference of working alone (with me getting little involvement from those around me) and you helping me understand how that can impact on me as a leader.  I’m now in a process of being more deliberate about the level of engagement that I want to have for strategic activities that I engage in going forward.
Thank you for the coaching experience that we’ve shared together."

Senior Leader, Parastatal

"Over the last two months I have had the privilege of being coached by Sue Morris. A coach who has had years of experience and worked with many different people. The process was enthralling, allowing me to delve into aspects of my career and personal life in order to gain a better understanding of myself – where I am and where I need to be. Through the use of practical exercises and meetings, we were able to reflect on different aspects of my life and how they are intertwined, subconsciously directing my actions and motives.
The understanding I have gained of myself through our sessions has provided me with a different perspective on my personal and professional life. I have learned to reflect on my day and look at myself from the outside and through the perspective of others. “We must think of ourselves as members of a soccer team,” is one of the most important things that I learnt from Sue and will take with me, as I move ahead and build and work with teams and people from different backgrounds – always perusing an authentic self, but one that is considerate of others.
I strongly recommend Sue Morris as a coach, as many of the things I discovered and worked through, could not have been accomplished without her experience and guidance throughout the coaching process. She was amazing.​"

Consultant at World Bank

Sue Morris expertly delivered on the theme of Psychological Safety during a mini workshop which was attended by a group of individuals from across various work domains, within our office, but who shared an interest for the concept. The workshop was applicable to us all (as Psychological Safety is something that may be experienced by many people regardless of work responsibilities and levels). The workshop was excellent in laying a foundation to spark further conversations around the topic within our Company. Sue successfully facilitated the session and in keeping to a very tight brief and time allocation.

Singita HR

"I found the coaching process interesting and insightful, it has given new impetus to my business and interaction with various stakeholders. Sue was intuitive and therefore able to customise her processes to my circumstances, she adapted each meeting to ensure maximum benefit for myself and the company.“

Director Vista Capital

"In our busy lives, we often forget to take the time to reflect. Sue’s team coaching role enabled me to reflect on our lab journey and carve out time for this very important and powerful tool. I always felt so refreshed and energized after the sessions, whilst also motivating me to dig deep and work even harder at what we were trying to achieve. I have implemented this reflection tool into my BAU and I now take time out to reflect on the bigger picture, often when I’m feeling overwhelmed or under pressure. Thank you Sue for showing me the importance and power of [reflection].“

Financial Manager

"I think the Lab Enabler role really enhanced the reflections on our processes and more importantly how we interacted with our team members and stakeholders. It was hugely valuable time spent taking a step back and acknowledging the progress made and how we could do things differently going forward. I really don't think we spend enough time pausing in our daily lives and these sessions provided us just that. It's something I will absolutely be using both personally and professionally going forward.“

Senior Manager, Financial Services

“I embarked on coaching with a view to exploring business opportunities but it became so much more than that. Sue provided invaluable guidance in a safe and free-minded space. Her enthusiasm was abounding, with anecdotes and articles to support themes that had come out in sessions. This process taught me life is about choices and it is the emotion that is attached to the choice that results in a positive or negative outcome. Sue changed my life, in a way I had never thought to change it.”

Director, Living Facts Research

"I can highly recommend Sue Morris as an integral coach.  She identified coaching practices that suited my personality and existing life structure, and insightfully and skillfully suggested ways to incorporate them into my life.  She acknowledged and gave credence to my personal value system.  With Sue’s help I was able to ‘see’ what was keeping me from making the changes I desired.  Once you ‘see’ something, you can’t ‘unsee’ it.


I experienced a terrific personal loss during the process, so felt as if I was thrown off-course, but Sue focused on the bridges that could move me from where I was to where I want to be, and I look forward to embracing and practicing these as I move through grief."

Owner Kim Barty & Co

"In a fast paced environment where everything is deemed urgent and results are expected yesterday, Sue's team coaching reminded us what it is to be human... and that we aren't supposed to be some 24/7 robots doing repetitive tasks...we are creative and have the ability to think outside of the box but sometimes need a nudge in the right direction. Lab Enablers fulfil a very crucial yet often missed role when it comes to running a project - a human element. Lab Enablers do exactly that, they enable you to do a bit more than you initially believed you were capable of. How often are you more likely to complete or succeed in a task because someone believes in you compared to when someone doesn't? Lab Enablers are able to assist in showing you ways of how to believe in yourself especially when you feel like you are failing, when in fact you are just facing a stumbling block in the journey."

Financial Manager

"As a young and upcoming professional in the workplace, I have sincerely appreciated the team coaching sessions, as they have been crucial to my personal growth and development. I have learnt an incredible amount and it has enabled me to confidently trust in my abilities."

Finance Graduate

"I have found enormous value in my sessions with Sue. She is clear, engaging and supportive and kept refreshingly objective. She helped me to quickly identify behaviors that I need to focus on, as well as create a compelling personal vision. While many of the development areas were things I was aware of, I found clarity that I haven't before. Sue thank you for what you have done for me, I would happily recommend you to others. Thanks also for the extra reading that you sent my way."

General Manager, NPO

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